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From the blog

Unfortunately I have a lot of pet peeves but then a

Unfortunately I have a lot of pet peeves but then again who doesn’t?! Let’s be real here. But my biggest pet peeve amongst all, is liars. If you can lie you are the worst human ever, because in my eyes the truth always reveals its face, one way or another. Ugly truth or not, so you might as well be honest.

And on top of that childishness.. You know I always find it to be extremely petty when a friendship ends in blocking or un friending from social media. Like its so tacky to me. I would never be like “wow, I got into it with that person so let me now block them and delete them from social media”, unless it were serious life or death situations, which clearly it’s not. That’s about as childish as it gets, and quite frankly shows me you were way more bothered about me than I ever was of you. Which is actually comical to me. Get a life, Kys because blocking and/or unfriending is just about the most childish and immature a person can get.

Next.. I see plenty of things on social media that absolutely irks me. However, I have respect enough for other people as well as their opinions, to keep scrolling and act as if it is not there. If I don’t agree with you or your opinion, so be it. But I will never ever go out of my way to argue you via Facebook status.. I mean really who even has that type of time these days? And if you do have that time, find a better job or maybe even a hobby, because that my friend, is NOT cute. I believe I have the freedom to post whatever I believe in on all of my social media, whenever I want to.. shit it could be all damn day. And I am by no means saying everyone has to agree with me, that’s totally unrealistic, however why comment? Why start an argument? Especially because you will never catch me doing that on someone else’s page. Just keep it moving like I do. And trust me I see more than enough bullshit on a daily that I do not agree with. But rather than wasting my time and energy arguing with people via Facebook, I figure I might as well let them enjoy their post and keep my opinion to myself, ESPECIALLY WHEN I DISAGREE. Didn’t your parents teach you? If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

It’s really crazy and actually quite bizarre how you would think I have been referring to us millennials, sadly, I’m referring to adults. •sigh• I am not sure what this world is coming to.. I thought the older you are, the wiser. Apparently I was wrong. I guess intelligence these days cones far and few in between. And that saddens me more than anything. Hopefully we can change that, by creating better role models, and even showing children right from wrong. Rather than forcing unrealistic reality tv down theirs throats.

I find myself being the last of a dying breed. These days there are far more followers than leaders, people are scared to go against society and stand up for what they truly believe in. Not me, I find this to be more than saddening as we need to be more original. I’m beyond sick of everyone constantly following everyone. I refuse to fall under any statistics. I will forever stand for what I believe in, even if it means standing alone till the day I die.

All My Love Always,

Liyah xx

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