From the blog

From the blog

9 October, 2015 17:56

Hello! The last week has been kind of crazy.. I would first like to say I am extremely saddened by the event that took place in Oregon. Maipocokerna . I am sending my prayers to all of the victims and families that suffered that awful tragedy. places of visit . I think society as a whole really needs to focus the important issues going on right now, especially with our youth. And with that being said I am hopeful something will change in a more positive direction to stop these hateful and violent acts from happening.

In the past week my stylist Fancy Nancy and I have been working extremely hard on designing new Liyah Swag for the AusTROlia Tour! It’s going to be a great representation of me, and where I am at currently with my music.

I have also been working in the studio and my current project is extremely personal. It’s going to give everyone an insight as to who I really am. I can’t wait to take you all on my life journey. I’m super excited to announce I will be performing one of my new songs on the tour!! The song is called “My Story” and was produced by the talented Johnny Mars, who has worked with some of today’s biggest musicians. Johnny is one of my favorite producers I have worked with to date. He really took the time to understand my vision and worked so hard with me to make sure it was executed the right way! “My Story” was recently recorded down here in Miami at the legendary studio Audio Vision. Audio Vision has been in business since 1960 and has recorded some of the greats, down to even Bob Marley!! So everyone will have to follow me and tune into Periscope while I am on tour to catch a live broadcast of “My Story”!

And don’t forget to please leave your comments and/or questions below! Also add me on snapchat: LiyahMusic to catch a more personal glimpse into my life!!

Liyah xx

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