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From the blog

22 November, 2015 23:28

Thumbs Up?!

Like what is it though?! Do people really think it’s a sufficient enough response?.. No way. I would refer to millennials but I can’t because I have seen more adults than ever use thumbs up in the past 3 months. And the problem is I have seen so many thumbs up in serious conversations, mind you coming from other people, supposedly professionals, that the thumbs up emoji has become comical to me. How do people really think that is a direct answer or form of communication. I almost want to ask every time I receive a thumbs up “what exactly does that mean?, Is that your sarcastic way of agreeing with me?! Or are you genuinely giving me a thumbs up?!” I mean I can’t. Nothyleargauri I take the thumbs up as a form of sarcasm or not exactly being genuine. I guess I’m way too direct for the thumbs up. I prefer people put what they’re thinking into words, especially when regarding serious matters rather than a thumbs up. Who would of thought that something so small as a thumbs up would become so irritating!

All My Love Always,

Liyah xxx

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