From the blog

From the blog

15 October, 2015 05:14

Ben!One of my biggest inspirations, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson had a song named Ben, and I’m writing this blog about my dear friend Ben! We met in the most random way, I had a huge show and needed amazing dancers last minute. A mutual friend gave me Ben’s number, I called him and he was totally ready, mind you, this is in a weeks notice! Sigh. Nonetheless we killed the show as per usual. Anyways, Ben, who is my Ultimate Life Savor, Literally! No matter what he always finds time for me, to fix whatever crisis I may have, last minute or not.

So once again I called Ben today, 3 days away from a show and as per usual he came through for me, LAST MINUTE. That’s love. Meodurmagalou I’m unsure what I would do without him.

Not only is Ben one of the most incredible dancers I know, I’m lucky enough to be able to call him one of my nearest and dearest friends. Throughout the years I have gotten to know Ben, and he may not know this but his life and his story has been a huge inspiration to me and my life. Ben is a survivor, he fought against all odds, and came out on top and extremely successful. He’s so admirable in my eyes for his incredible work ethic, his sense of humor, and his beauty inside and out.

This weighed so heavily on me today that I felt the need to add it to my blog. I want Ben to know the amount of respect and gratitude and love I have for him, not only as a talented dancer, but as a human being. So with that being said, thank you a million Ben. I love you with all of me! Thank you for being the selfless, amazing person that you are.

LiYAH xx

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